Sunday, July 13, 2014

Germans are a bit scared of me

'Germans are a bit scared of me'15 min
A man in Mitrovica City ( Kosovo) in his 50s claims he is Hitler, although he doesn’t support Hitler’s legacy. He says nature has bestowed upon him to become the living Hitler. This image has brought him financial benefits as well, as he charges 40 euros for photography. He adds that despite that fact that he has a controversial face, he gains much respect in his hometown Mitrovica. Even KFOR soldiers, NATO’s peacekeeping force, pay him respect by visiting him from across Kosovo to photograph him. The director follows Hitler’s daily life with his friends and family (wife and five daughters) – they all call him Hitler, but sometimes unaware of who the real Hitler was. Even his house has become a type of landmark, as neighbors and taxi drivers use it to orient themselves around the city.

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